Heritage Fairs

Preserving Latino heritage

LDAG's original goal was hosting or facilitating thirty heritage fairs. While we did not receive funding for a national effort we have been able to piece together resources to participate in three local efforts (Salinas, CA, Santa Monica, CA. and San Francisco, CA. These fairs provided an opportunities to try different approaches to promoting heritage events.

We encourage local libraries and community-based organizations to host heritage activities that provide learning opportunities, hands-on use of technology, preservation, and sharing of digital artifacts. To promote this effort we developed a Latino Digital Heritage Kit that includes videos and resource materials. The purpose of this kit is to assist local libraries and community-based organizations to engage community members in preserving and sharing cultural heritage materials. We encourage community-based organizations to partner with libraries in this effort.

We would like to recognize the announcement of a national American Library Association effort named Latino Americans: 500 years of history.  This national effort will support up to 200 efforts to preserve Latino history.

Possible Topics or Activities

Preserving photographs
Oral history projects
Preserving music
Preserving videos
Documenting your family history
Documenting your neighborhood history
Making heritage available
Creation of a new collection for host institutions 

Recommended Heritage Fair Requirements
  • Ability to recruit between 15-20 residents as participants
  • Staffing
  • Appropriate location
  • Broadband 
  • Public Computer workstations
  • Equipment
    • Scanners
    • Video camera
    • Overhead projector
  • Participation in web conference training
  • Outreach to community
    • Local community and faith-based organizations
    • Local press
    • PSA’s on local stations and community channels